From the beach to the mountains, our mission is to manifest and deepen the good vibrations of community. Through the joyful practice of AcroYoga, we embrace our diversity to explore connection with healing and playfulness!

AcroYoga blends Thai massage, yoga and acrobatics, and AcroYoga LA specializes in making acrobatics accessible to everyone, by approaching all of our practices with a therapeutic intention. Our "AcroPeutics" style invites softness in acrobatics and trust in our power as healers.

Home to the original Muscle Beach and a giant kula of yogis, LA and AcroYoga will continue to grow, turn heads and inspire. In a city buzzing with electronic information, AcroYoga presents a path for authentic communication, and invites you to bring out your inner child to play!

Through play, may we ignite the local kula with metta and inspire the global community towards compassion and peace.